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Topdog’s Chocolate is an AKC registered chocolate tri (chocolate and tan) Frenchie female. She’s thick and compact, with a beautiful structure.

Why are Chocolate and Tan French Bulldogs So Popular?

Chocolate and tan French Bulldogs have captured the hearts of many due to their unique and stunning coat colors, combined with the charming and affectionate nature of the breed. At Topdog French Bulldogs, we take pride in raising these beautiful pups, which showcase a rich brown hue paired with tan markings, making them truly stand out. Their moderate energy levels and adaptability to both indoor and outdoor environments make them ideal companions for various lifestyles. Moreover, Frenchies are known for their playful, loving, and sociable personalities, making them perfect family pets. The combination of their rare coloring and delightful temperament contributes to their soaring popularity. Choose Topdog French Bulldogs to find your perfect chocolate tri Frenchie.

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Topdog’s Chocolate