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Topdog’s Mochi is an AKC registered ghost blue tri (blue and tan) French Bulldog female. She’s one of the the tiniest little Frenchies here.

Why are Blue Tri (Blue and Tan) French Bulldogs So Popular?

Blue tri (blue and tan) French Bulldogs are incredibly popular due to their striking and unique coat color, which sets them apart from other Frenchies. At Topdog French Bulldogs, we have seen firsthand how their stunning blue and tan markings catch the eye and hearts of many. This color combination is relatively unique, adding to their allure. Beyond their beautiful appearance, Blue tri French Bulldogs possess the charming and affectionate personality traits that make French Bulldogs such beloved pets. They are known for being loyal, playful, and excellent companions. The combination of rarity, beauty, and delightful temperament makes blue and tan French Bulldogs a top choice for many Frenchie lovers.

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Topdog’s Mochi