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Prissy is a blue tri French Bulldog. She’s extremely smart, agile and athletic. She is one of the smartest dogs we have ever owned. She is very small, muscular, and compact – weighing in at only 16 lbs. She loves people, other dogs, and all animals. Very outgoing girl. She is laid back, with a quirky twist of that fun Frenchie in her.

Are There Different Shades of Blue French Bulldogs?

At Topdog French Bulldogs, we appreciate the diverse and beautiful shades of blue that French Bulldogs can have. Each shade has its unique charm and appeal, making these Frenchies highly sought after by dog lovers. Blue French Bulldogs are not actually blue but rather exhibit a gray-blue or silver appearance due to their unique coat genetics. The blue can range from a deep, dark blue (almost black or deep purple) to a light, silvery blue. This variety allows potential owners to choose a Frenchie that perfectly matches their aesthetic preferences while enjoying the same lovable personality traits common to all French Bulldogs.

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  1. Christie Buziak

    I have a male Pied, Buster who lost his mate in August. He is 8 and very healthy and lonely. Prissy looks perfect for him. Is she available to revoke?

  2. Susan lopes

    Is she still available? is she part of the rehoming program?

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Topdog’s Prissy