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Samurai is our stunning chocolate merle French Bulldog stud. He is as short, thick, cobby, & compact as they come! Like most Frenchies, his personality is awesome – fun & laid back. He gets along well with everyone in the household, including other animals. He produces short, thick, & compact structures like his. 

What is a Dark Chocolate Merle Frenchie?

A dark chocolate merle Frenchie is a French Bulldog with a unique and beautiful coat pattern. At Topdog French Bulldogs, we take pride in our stunning chocolate merle Frenchies. The dark chocolate merle pattern features a blend of dark brown spots on a lighter background, creating a marbled or mottled effect. This special coat is due to the merle gene, which causes variations in color.

These French Bulldogs are not only eye-catching but also have the friendly and playful personality that the breed is known for. They make wonderful companions and are sure to stand out with their distinctive appearance and charming character.

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Topdog’s Samurai