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Sushi is our lilac cream pointed French Bulldog. She is as just as affectionate as she is tiny. She is very small and can produce mini teacup Frenchies aka French Bulldogs. She is a stunning girl, and produces beautiful French Bulldog puppies. We are so happy to have her here. 

Why are Lilac and Tan (Lilac Tri) Cream Point Frenchies So Sought After?

At Topdog French Bulldogs, we know that lilac and tan (lilac tri) cream point French Bulldogs are highly sought after due to their striking and unique appearance. These Frenchies have a beautiful blend of lilac and tan colors, accented by cream points on their face, chest, and legs. This rare color combination is not only visually stunning but also rare, making these dogs stand out even more.

Additionally, the genetics behind these colors make them highly desirable. The lilac hue is a result of a combination of blue and chocolate genes, while the tan points and cream add a sophisticated contrast. This distinctive look, paired with the French Bulldog’s charming personality and affectionate nature, makes lilac tri cream point Frenchies a top choice for dog enthusiasts looking for a unique and lovable companion.

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  1. Jo Hannuksela

    Hello Ali, we spoke today I’m from Rhode Island and here in your area. I’m interested in this beautiful girl. We do not want to breed her, just want to add to our family. We have a wonderful male frenchie who is nurtured. I’m in the area for a few days visiting my sister. May I please ask about her adoption fee. My number is 401-451-0709. Thank you.

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